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Dr. Bennett then moved, and Dr. Arjoiix seconded, \"That the Council are of opinion, that if the Legislature should think proper to buy cialis 20mg the Council with extensive powers and fresli duties, by which tlie profession at large would be brought more under tlie direct influence of the Coun- cil, then in that case the ])rofession at large shouM have more direct influence in the appointment of members of Council.\'\' Dr. Alexander Wood said, after the remarks that had been made he sliould decline to express an opinion upon a measure of the kind proposed, but would be prepared to state his opinions when the jiroper time should buy cialis 20mg. Sir Dominic Corrigan sidd, the st-itement: of Dr. Bennett, \" that the profession was already snflliciently represented upon the Council,\" was extraordinary when taken in connection with the motion ho proposed which said, if we get, &c., they might as well say, \"If the sky were to fall, they would do such and such things.\" He would, however, do as Dr. Alexander Wood intended doing, and decline to pass any fartlier coin- nients upon the proposed Bill until it was brought before buy cialis online. After a few remarks from Dr. Quain and Mr. Cooper, Dr. Andrew Wood proposed an amendment, which was of such extreme length that Sir Domixig Corrigan objected to its reception for buy cialis 20mg.